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Women are the backbone of the economy. We work, we raise our children, provide care for our extended family members and we maintain our household. At times, it may seem that our reward is finding ourselves, at the end of the day, still wearing the clothes we woke up in!

Where shall you “run away” to, if even for just a minute?

Nina’s Bode, a unique clothing boutique designed for every woman’s needs.

We’re a “one-stop” shop, providing a chic atmosphere in the midst of beautiful, high-end attire and home decor. A place where you can relax, kick off your shoes, indulge in a soothing cup of tea and allow me serve as both your hostess and personal shopper!

Nina’s Bode will feature high-end designer clothing at affordable costs… you will walk out with an entire ensemble spending no more than $50. Of course, we will also offer a VIP gallery to suit your evening and formal attire needs.

We look forward to helping you reshape your wardrobe! See you soon!