Nina’s Bode provides personal customer service, dedicated to meeting your specific wardrobe needs. We will partner with you to refresh your wardrobe by selecting clothing styles and colors that best suit your unique body type and tone.

The City of Hayward is the hub of the East Bay. We are dedicated to the contribution of making the City of Hayward the epicenter of commerce and leisure. We are committed in hiring Hayward residents, with a focus in hiring students involved in community service organizations and the Regional Occupation Program.

About Nina

The youngest of six (6) and growing up in Los Angeles during a time of social reformation, I acquired the gifts of gab, adaption and a true sense of interest in the lives of others. Inherently, the field of Social Work occupied 25 years of my professional life and, as with most, I too eventually stumbled upon the sign reading, “Left at Albuquerque.” After much prayer and evaluation, I made the left-hand turn and have yet to look back.

Shopping — window or otherwise — has always served as therapy for me. The excitement of entering into a high-end clothing store… the thrill of riffling through racks of designer couture (which I could not afford) made me determined to acquire full access to this same clothing — at a cost I could afford. The acquisition of a Queen’s wardrobe on a pauper’s budget… For me, the greatest of time spent.